Fall Fly Fishing Jackets Reviewed: Awesome Fly Fishing Jackets for Under $350

As the weather starts to cool and the daylight hours diminish anglers will have to layer up to stay warm. To beat the cold they often turn to jackets for an extra outer layer to combat the wind and chilly air. Since there are so many options to chose from in the market today here are reviews of three of the best fall fly fishing jackets made by Orvis, Simms, and Aquaz.

It’s not hard to spend over $500 on a fall fly fishing jacket, but there’s no need to break the bank to stay warm. Here the jackets all range form $350 to $250. This price range is affordable while not compromising on quality.

When facing the autumnal elements it’s imperative to have an outer layer capable of shielding anglers from the potentially blistering winds and below-freezing temps. The jackets featured here are assembled with this finest protective materials known to humankind.

Special Features
Whether it’s a secret pocket or a detachable hood the fly fishing jackets here all bring something special to the table. These special features are one of the reasons each jacket made it to this list. Be sure to note what makes each one unique as you browse the fly fishing jackets below.

  1. Orvis Men’s PRO Wading JacketBuy on Amazon

Available in both black and olive colors the Orvis Men’s PRO Wading Jacket is one of the most valuable jackets out there today. It’s made with a durable custom woven three-layer shell which is integrated with a Dolphin Skin Cu system, bringing additional water resistance. Note the zippered hand warmer pockets and the brushed microsuede chin guard for additional comfort. Setting it apart from the pack are the rubberized tabs for tool docking making it a versatile fly fishing jacket.

2. Simms Men’s Midstream Insulated Fishing Jacket, Thermal CoatBuy on Amazon

The Simms Men’s Midstream Insulated Fishing Jacket, Thermal Coat allows for optimal performance while not skimping on warmth. This lightweight fly fishing jacket is insulated with Primaloft gold insulation and hold 90% of its warmth when wet. Finished with a Pertex face for exceptional wind resistance, this jacket will stand the blast of even the coldest winds. The pockets on this jacket make it unique in that there is one zippered chest pocket for storage and two zippered pockets ideal for warming hands.

3. Aquaz Trinity Wading Jacket, Waterproof Heavy Duty Breathable Wading JacketBuy on Amazon

Look to the Aquaz Trinity Wading Jacket, Waterproof Heavy Duty Breathable Wading Jacket for an excellent pairing of versatility and comfort. This jacket was the winner of Fish Alaska Magazine Editors’ Choice Award 2019 for best wading jacket. The award coming in recognition of its three layered breathable and heavy duty fabric. Its 100% water proof and featured a YKK waterproof AquaGuard Vislon zipper. A noteworthy component is the removable hood made with a hard cap to protect against the rain.

These are a select few of the numerous fly fishing jackets available, but they area great place to start your search. Be sure to look into the features and styles mentioned here as they are key to finding the right jacket.

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