Golden Crab Burgers are the Unofficial Burgers of Florida (VIDEO)

In this video below you’ll get a crash course in cooking golden crab burgers. Watch closely and learn how Floridians put a twist on the traditional burger.

Those golden crab burgers looked amazingly good, especially when paired with that relish as a side dish. Here’s the recipe listed out in a case you missed anything.

Cucumber and Sweet Pepper Relish:
1.) In a bowl combine sliced cucumbers and julienned sweet peppers
2.) Add diced parsley, chives, thyme, and diced red onion
3.) Add a touch of vinegar and mix thoroughly

Golden Crab Burgers:
1.) In a bowl combine cooked crab meet, diced celery, diced tomatoes, diced jalapeno, seafood seasoning, diced onions, mayonnaise, and sharp cheddar cheese.
2.) Lightly fold all ingredients together
3.) Take hamburger buns and put the mixture on both sides
4.) Add some cheese to the top of each bun
5.) Cook for a couple minutes in over using broiler
6.) Top with burger toppings
7.) Put the two buns together and enjoy

This golden crab burger recipe is another get dish to try next time you’re having a dinner party.

Source: GulfCoastSeafood

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