Do You Want to Learn the Trilene Knot? (VIDEO)

There are so many kinds of knots out there to master when it comes to fishing. Here is a video on one of the many you should learn, the trilene knot.

As you just saw tying the trilene knot is pretty simple. In case you missed anything, find a step by step breakdown of instructions below.

1.) Start with the hook in your left and and the line in your right
2.) Feed about ten inches of the tag end through the eye of the hook
3.) Take the tag end and feed in through the eye of the hook again, making a loop
4.) Pinching the bottom of the loop with your left thumb pull the tag end through until the loop is small enough to touch your thumb
5.) Wrap the tag end around the line about six times
6.) Feed the tag end back through both loops
7.) Grab the tag end with you left thumb and start pulling the knot tight
8.) Lubricate the line with your saliva and pull the rest of the way
9.) Trim the tag end

Try this knot next time you’re on the water and let us know how it performs for you.

Source: Fishthatwontquit

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