Steelhead Fly Fishing Rods Reviewed: Top Steelhead Fly Fishing Rods for the Season

This time of the year many anglers will be seeking the coveted bite from a steelhead, or as some call them the fish of a thousand casts. Fishing for steelhead means you’ll have to be patient as they don’t bite often, but when they do you have to be ready for a fight. One key thing you’ll need to win that fight is a great steelhead fly fishing rod. Below are three excellent steelhead fly fishing rods that will help you land on of these river monsters.

In the list below we will look into the weight of each fly rod. This can be a key factor when looking at what kind of flies you’ll be throwing as well as how you might be casting. It’s important to consider this as it can greatly affect your success on the water.

The make of the fly rods here was another characteristic under consideration when compiling this list. Most rods these days are made from light and durable material so anglers won’t have to sacrifice power for usability.

Special Features
Each of the steelhead fly fishing rods below have a unique trait that sets them apart from the rest. We’ll take a close look at each one to help you decide which type of rod is best for you. Keep in mind not all fly rods are alike and a special feature could tip the scales in the favor of one rod over another.

Orvis Clearwater 118-4 Switch Fly RodBuy on Amazon

The Orvis Clearwater 118-4 Switch Fly Rod is an 8wt rod which means it will be high performing and versatile on the water. It can be used for Spey or overhead casting as well as swinging flies, large streamers, or drift nymphs. Made from light, durable, and quality graphite, it will be a rod you can use for years to come. It comes with a 25-year guarantee and is said to be the bets of all the clearwater switch line of rods.

Redington VICE Fly RodBuy on Amazon

The 10 ft 8wt Redington VICE fly rod is great for shooting long line and can handle larger fish while also giving you great line control. It’s made from a durable and solid graphite blank which makes for easy and accurate casting. This also means it will have a better feel and you can feel small bites easier while nymphing. The unique thing about his rod is it’s versatility as it can be used for fresh and saltwater fishing.

G. Loomis AsquithBuy on Amazon

Coming in as a 13 ft 7 wt fly rod the Loomis G Asquith is a great choice for landing steelhead in big and medium-sized rivers. This well made rod is light which means it will be no sweat casting 1,000 times to land one of these fish. The graphite blank is crafted from Spiral-X technology delivering more power without any excess weight. It also comes with an aluminum reel seat and Fuji SiC Stripping Guides with a Titanium Frame ensuring you’ll have unparalleled casting distance.

These are a great place to start if you’re in the market for a new steelhead fly fishing rod. Let us know what you think of the picks on this list.

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