Don’t Make These 5 Fly Fishing Mistakes

Fly fishing is a sport that comes with many nuances and techniques making it a difficult thing to master. In this video Huge Fly Fisherman exposes a few mistakes no one should be making no matter what your skill level.

In case you missed any of those mistakes, here they are listed below.
1.) The proper way to spell flies is FLIES, not FLYS.
2.) Take a picture of the fish’s good side, not of it’s mangled lip
3.) Don’t ever do more than three false casts
4.) Don’t cut the tip or hair or feathers when tying flies
5.) Always apply floatant to to flies before fishing

Hopefully these tips will help you to become a better angler or at least help you look like you know what you’re doing. Keep in mind the best way to grow as an angler is to try new things.

Source: HugeFlyFisherman

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