Roasting Whole Fish is Greek to Me (VIDEO)

In this video Mark Bittman puts a Greek spin on roasting fish. Watch as he makes a perfect Mediterranean-style, mid-summer dish.

As you just saw Bittman was using a striped bass in this video which he had filleted with the spine still intact. Below are the steps listed out in case you missed anything:

1.) Open the fish
2.) Layer in slices of lemon, slivered garlic, and a few branched of thyme
3.) Season with salt, pepper, and olive oil
4.) Make three diagonal slits on each side of the fish
5.) Season outside of fish with salt and olive oil
6.) Cook in the oven for 15 minutes

1.) Cut cherry tomatoes in half put in bowl
2.) Add diced jalapeno, oregano, and big chunks of garlic (which you will remove before eating)
3.) Mix well and add a small amount of vinegar, olive oil, salt, and pepper

The key to this recipe is cooking it with the skin as the flavors will drip through the meat while cooking. Let us know how this dish tastes when you make it at home.

Source: TheNewYorkTimes

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