Angler Sets New Fishing Record in Landlocked Reservoir in NJ

According to reports, a new fishing record was set at the Merrill Creek Reservoir in New Jersey by angler Joe Satkowski who landed an 8lb. 10oz. salmon.

The salmon which was caught in the landlocked reservoir measured 26″ long and had a girth of 16.25″. It broke the previous record by a mere five ounces and was caught on a homemade jig.


In a Facebook post the Florida FWC wrote, “A new state record, Angler Felipe Prieto reeled in this beauty of a butterfly peacock bass weighing 9.11 pounds and measuring 23 and 5/16 inches long! This new catch supersedes the previous state record of 9.08 pounds which has stood since 1993.”

The record fish was caught in September and the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife recently confirmed the record.

Source: FOXNews

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