Destin Fishing Rodeo Top Spot is Claimed by a 329-Pound Bull Shark

According to reports, Shelby Wagner claimed the top prize at the 73rd annual Destin Fishing Rodeo with a 329.2-pound bull shark. Some might say it was beginners luck since Wagner and two friends decided on a whim to enter the tournament after seeing a 226-pound bull shark at the weigh in last month.

Wagner told reporters, “I still didn’t believe how big it was going to be until we got it in the boat. Every day after work in October go down and watch the weigh-in and get a beer and that type of thing but this is the first year I have participated in it.”


The bull shark was caught 30 miles off the Florida coast and is the largest recorded shark catch in 20 years. Wager with the help of two others was able to land the shark in less than 1-hr.


Wagner added, “We got lucky because one of our friends, we had some friends who were actually out diving, and they spotted the shark that we ended up catching. We kept the tail the head, or the jaws anyway and kept what we could. But the rest did kind of go back into the circle of life.”

Source: WKRG

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