This is How You Fillet a Rainbow Trout

If you’re catching trout to eat you know they are a tasty fish, but do you know the best way to fillet one? In case you don’t or just need a refresher, check out this video below brought to you by the Wyoming Fish and Game Department.

As you can see filleting a trout can be very easy to do, and it’ll make the trout taste event better. In case you missed anything the steps are listed out below.

Step 1: Make sure you have a clean work surface that is free of any fish slime. Make sure that any slime is washed off your hands and knife handle to prevent slipping. Cut away from yourself and be careful.
Step 2: Lay the fish on the cutting surface with the fishes backbone facing you. If you have a fillet board, then slide the nose of the fish into the clamp to secure the fish.
Step 3: Pull the pectoral fin back and cut downwards at an angle (match the angle of the gills) behind the gills until you hit the fishes backbone.
Step 4: Turn the fillet knife sideways and cut along the trout’s backbone toward the tail. Step 5: Once the fillet is cut free, turn the fish over. Repeat steps 2 through 4.
Step 6: Rinse the fillets in cold water, pat dry with a clean cloth and then prepare the fillets for cooking or freezing.

Try this method out on the next trout you catch and let us know how it went in the comment section below.

Source: WyomingGameAndFishDepartment

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