Ice Augers Reviewed: Top Ice Augers for the Ice Fishing Season

Winter is coming and with it opportunities to sit on a frozen lake enjoying an adult beverage while gazing into a hole in the ice waiting for fish to bite. While many consider ice fishing to be a passive activity there is a need for gear and set up prior to angling. One of the most important pieces of gear needed is the ice auger. The auger is used to drill that hole in the ice which allows access to the frigid waters below. In this post there are reviews of three ice augers available today with the intent of getting you familiar with the gear at your fingertips.

The ice augers featured below all fall between $700 and $500 which is on the higher end of the spectrum. Each of these models have been selected in this range because they are of higher quality than most augers on the market, but not the most expensive an angler can buy.

When looking at buying an auger an angler will see there are two types of products available. One is the hand powered or manual auger, and the other is the engine or gas powered auger. The augers below are all engine models and were selected because they deliver the most power and control when making holes in the ice.

Drill Specs
Each ice auger on the list below comes with an 8″ drill. This drill size was selected because an 8″ hole for ice fishing is appropriate for about 90% of the fish typically caught in the winter months. Keep in mind there are bigger drills available, but the 8″ drill is the most common size used today.

GYAM 63Cc Ice AugerBuy on Amazon

Equipped with a powerful gasoline engine, the GYAM 63Cc Ice Auger comes with an easy-to-grip finger throttle and switch control making for easier handling. It can be operated by one or two people easily when drilling into the ice. It will make quick work of drilling a hole with this powerful yet manageable engine.

Eskimo Quantum AugerBuy on Amazon

Made for the cold of winter the Eskimo Quantum Auger is a steady and powerful machine for an ice angler. The 43Cc viper 2-cycle engine delivers a precise yet power control for the user with steel handlebars covered in foam to absorb vibrations. The stainless steel blades will last longer even when drilling through dirty ice with a blade protector included.

Robbey 52cc Ice AugerBuy on Amazon

The Robbey 52Cc Ice Auger is the perfect combination of powerful and high performance drilling. The high compression engine allows for easy drilling up to depths of 40 inches. The ergonomic handle comes in a wide butterfly style and can be removed for convenient storage.

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