Safety First: Ice Fishing Tips and Essential Gear

Ice fishing season is upon us and with it a whole gambit of things to consider in order to have a safe excursion. Below is a video detailing some things every angler should think about before heading out onto the frozen waters.

As mentioned in the video, bring a chisel with you since it can help you determine if the ice is safe to walk on. By chipping the ice ahead of you a few times you can know it’s safe to walk on as long as you don’t see any water surface. This is especially important when the ice is snow covered and you can’t see the different thickness from above.

Also, should you fall through the ice it’s important to have a back up plan and that can come in the form of ice picks and a float suit. Remember to always be checking the ice thickness when you’re ice fishing because you never know what lies beneath.

Source: Wired2Fish

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