How to Put Fishing Line on a Spinning Reel

All anglers know that changing out your line or getting a new reel are regular parts of rod maintenance. For those who don’t know how below is a video on how to put a line to a spinning reel.

As you can see putting a line on a spinning reel is fast and easy when done right. Below is a list of the instructions in case you missed anything.

1.) Make a long tag and then make a loop in the line
2.) Take the tag end and make another loop
3.) Pull the second loop so it’s smaller than the first
4.) Loop the tag end through the smaller loop five times
5.) Pull the tag end tight and close the smaller loop
6.) Trim the tag end
7.) Take the remaining loop and twist it, making two loops
8.) Put both loops over the reel and pull tight

Try using this next time you’re on the water and need to put a new line on your reel. It’s a fast and effective way to get a fresh line on your spinning reel.


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