Father Saved by Daughter After Boat Wreck on Hawaiian Fishing Trip

According to reports a father-daughter fishing trip to Maui nearly ended in tragedy recently. Claude Moreaus, 70, and his daughter Charme were heading back from a weekend of fishing when the boat crashed into the island’s north shore. Charme was sleeping and Claude had set the boat to autopilot when he accidentally fell asleep.

Claude told reporters, “I sat down because I was tired. And the next thing I know, I was sleeping. I didn’t know I was sleeping. Next thing I know, BAM! That’s how I woke up.”


The boat was starting to capsize when Claude made a mayday call, and he soon found himself trapped underneath. Charme dove underwater and pulled her father to the surface, but realized they were in the middle of the ocean.

She held her father and started swimming toward the rocky shore. She told reporters, “I kept telling him, ‘Don’t let the water go in your mouth,’ because that’s what was happening, it was going in and drowning both of us.”

After swimming for over an hour they had made it to the large lava rock shore. Charme said upon arrival, “We both tumbled, and I just see him tumbling, but we’re on the rocks and I’m like, ‘We made it!'”

After scaling a large cliff with the help of ropes they were able to track down the Maui Fire Department and were ultimately rescued by helicopter.

Source: KSNBLocal4

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