This is How You Reel in a Bluefin Tuna

Take a trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and get a lesson on reeling in bluefin tuna. Watch as a crew of accomplished anglers head out into the treacherous Atlantic for one of these elusive creatures.

After watching this video it’s clear that reeling in a bluefin tuna is no small feat. These beasts are a force to be reckoned with and will put up a big fight.

As you just heard the best thing to do when you hook one is to let it take the line out and wait until it tires. Then start cranking on the line once it stops running. Wearing gloves will help with this part since you’ll likely have to pull the line in as you crank. Always make sure there’s a good bend in the rod or else the fish might get away. Once you know the fish is close be sure to have someone get the harpoon ready to help land the fish.

If you remember one thing from this video it’s that you should never leave your rod until the tail is out of the water.

Source: NationalGeographic

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