Wyoming Game & Fish Stocks Over 6.5 Million Fish in 2021

According to reports, the Wyoming Fish & Game Department stocked 368 of the state’s waters with more than 6.5 million fish. This was all in an effort to keep the Equality State’s angling opportunities top notch. The majority of the fish were cold water trout species from local fisheries and some were traded with other states for bass, catfish, wallleye, and pike.


Wyoming’s hatchery system is enhancing its capacity to meet demands of anglers. The big accomplishment of 2021 was in regards to reaching a landmark with the captive kokanee salmon broodstock. Guy Campbell a fish culture supervisor said of the popular species, “We saw a strong year of raising kokanee. The broodstock produced about 2.5 million eggs this year. It’s remarkable because our program was previously dependent on Wyoming’s wild population for eggs, now we are very self-sufficient to raise kokanee for anglers. We should be able to meet all stocking demands for kokanee next summer.”

Maintaining hearty stock numbers and healthy fish populations is key to meeting the demands of both the state’s resident and non-resident anglers.

Source: WyomingNewsNow

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