Installing Marine Mat with Darcizzle Offshore

The conditions of a boat can make or break the successfulness of a deep sea or offshore fishing expedition. One way to vastly improve the conditions of a boat is with new flooring. Watch as Darcie talks about how she installed Marine Mat in her own boat to greatly improve its overall look and feel.

When installing Marine Mat the first thing they had to do was rip out the old material. This was done by first taking it out by hand and using Goo Gone to remove the remaining adhesive. A plastic razor, power washer, and dish soap are also helpful to get rid of the remaining gunk. Then installation is a snap, literally. Marine Mat provided custom cuts that snapped onto the floor of the boat making everything simple and easy to install.

As they discussed in the video, there are many way variations you can chose when installing Marine Mat in your own boat. Check out their website to get all the options available to you for your own renovation.

Source: DarcizzleOffshore

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