What Happens if You Fall Through the Ice without Safety Equipment?

When ice fishing safety is key especially when you’re fishing on a river. Should you fall through the ice in a situation like this without proper safety equipment it’s important to know what to do next as it could save your life. Watch and learn how to get out of the ice if you fall through with no ice picks or life vest.

As you can see the key to get out of the ice if you fall through is to not panic. Stay calm and think about what you need to do next before letting your emotions get the best of you.

First thing to do is to try and keep your head above the surface, as you do not want to gasp and swallow any water. Next, is to find the direction from which you came as that ice is stronger and will support your weight. Last thing is to get your body flat on the ice and crawl out. Do not try to bring yourself directly up and climb out as this is not a good use of energy.

Hopefully you will never need to utilize these skills in a real life situation, but accidents do happen so stay sharp an keep calm.

Source: UncutAngling

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