This is the Perfect Ice Fishing Panfish Setup

Ice fishing is a discipline that requires different gear as well as technique depending on what kind of fish you’re after. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about panfishing including rod, reel, line, and jig selection.

In case you missed anything here’s the recommendations listed out below:

1.) Rod Type – A lightweight rod is best as it allows you to feel the bites better and it offers more control. Consider getting a rod that is 28″-30″ in length and make sure it has a florescent-colored tip.

2.) Reel Selection – The key is to make sure the reel is small and lightweight.

3.) Line Type – The best option is a 2-4 pound mono line because it provides the best stretch.

4.) Bait Selection – Tungesten bait are smaller and denser and allow for a faster fall. Lead baits are larger and lighter and allow for a slower fall.

One more takeaway from this video is to always have two rods ready to go when you hit the ice. That way you can quickly switch back and forth to pull panfish out of their schools.

Source: NicoleStoneOutdoors

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