5 Reasons You Should be Using Fluorocarbon Line for Ice Fishing

There are many kinds of lines to use when ice fishing, so picking the right one can make or break your trip. The angler below talks about how he uses fluorocarbon for ice fishing and gives five reasons why it’s the best.

As you just saw, the fluorocarbon line is the ideal line for ice fishing, and in case you missed any part of the video the five reasons why are listed below.

1.) The line is nearly invisible under the ice
2.) It will lay perfectly straight in your rod’s guides
3.) It won’t absorb water
4.) The line won’t remain coiled when it comes off the reel
5.) Allows for more sensitivity for all kinds of baits

These are just a few of the many reasons you should consider getting fluorocarbon line for your next ice fishing adventure. Check some out for yourself the next time you’re in the bait shop and let us know which one you picked.

Source: Wired2Fish

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