4 Fishing Records were Broken ths Year in Utah

In 2021 the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources stocked over 9.6 million fish in 600 bodies of water across the state leading to the breaking of four fishing records this past year. On January 17th Travis Hobbs caught a 31-inch Bear Lake cutthroat trout breaking the previous record by over three inches which was set in 2020.


The next record was broken on March 12 when Colby Woodruff caught a 32-inch walleye at Bear River. This beat the previous record of 31.5 inches set in 2002. Then Brett Bardsley landed the largest Colorado River cutthroat trout in state history on May 15 with a 19-inch trout he caught at Pine Creek Reservoir. This topped the old record of a 15.5-inch cutthroat trout caught at Lake Canyon Lake in November of 2020.

The last record to get broken was a 15-pound 5-ounce wiper caught by Trevor Cooper at Newcastle Reservoir on May 23. Now that it’s a new year there are more records to be broken, get out to Utah and make history in 2022.

Source: KSL.com

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