A Close Look at the Outbreak Huts Now Available from Eskimo

Ice fishing has come a long way since the old days of sitting on a bucket in the middle of a frozen lake waiting for a bite. Check out this new LIMITED EDITION Eskimo Outbreak 450 XD hut in the video below and know you don’t have to put up with being cold when ice fishing anymore.

As you can see there’s a lot to get excited about with the new LIMITED EDITION Eskimo Outbreak 450 XD hut. It’s durable, functional, and will be roomy enough for you and your fishing buddies. Here’s some of the specs listed below in case you missed anything:

75 fishable sq ft
Grey interior provides more light
Hold 4-5 people
Stands 80 inches tall
Weighs 48 pounds
Made with Storm Shield Insulated Fabric

Now that you’ve seen how awesome this ice hut is consider getting one this year for your own ice fishing adventures. Also, did we mention it comes in buffalo plaid.

Source: ReedsFamilyOutdoorOutfitters

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