7 Things that Can Ruin Your Ice Fishing Trip

Ice fishing comes with its own set of challenges and between the weather and the gear alone it can seen like a daunting excursion to be successful. However, there are seveal things you can do to increase your chances of having a great day on the ice. Check out these seven ice fishing tips below and learn how you can be a better ice angler today.


There are two main kinds of baits for ice fishing; live bait and artificial bait, and depending on when you are fishing there’s a time and place for each one. While artificial baits preform well in the morning hours and live baits will keep the fishing biting all day.

Keeping quiet on the ice is imperative to landing fish especially when ice fishing in water that is six feet in depth or less. Keep in mind to both walk and talk softly as sometimes loud activity above the ice can scare the fish away.

Rod & Line
Since most bites in the ice are subtle you should have a rod that comes with a moderate tip so it will bend at the smallest hit. Smaller line will also help you to be successful as a two pound weighted line won’t curl under water as easily.

Consider bringing a flasher on your next ice fishing trip as it will provide you with two key pieces of information. One it can tell you how fish are responding to your jigs, and two it can tell you whether or not your hole is near any fish.

In ice fishing the holes in the ice are like the casts an angler makes from a boat. The more you have the better chance you’ll have of getting some fish to bite.

Food & Drink
Although it seems like a mainly sedentary activity ice fishing can require endurance and stamina. Be sure to bring plenty of sustenance so you won’t get tired on long days on the ice.

Keeping safe on the ice is the most important thing you can do to have a great day ice fishing. Bring warm clothes, safety equipment, and a friend to ensure you are doing everything you can in the name of safely.


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