Ice Fishing Tip: Keep Fish Below the Hole

If you’re ice fishing in a wheel house or flip over shelter your mobility will be limited meaning you’ll have to keep the fish below the hole. For some tips on how to do this check out the video below and get ready to rip some lip next time you’re at an ice fishing shelter.

As Jason mentioned when you’re ice fishing you want to maximize your bite window especially if you can’t move around. One way you can do this is to have more than one line in the water. This can be done by using an additional line with a bobber or a minnow.

Keep in mind even if the other baits won’t make the fish bite it will be enough to peak their interest and make them stay close to the hole. This will encourage other fish to visit as well and means you will catch more fish. Bring an extra rod with you when ice fishing or a fishing buddy and enjoy catching more fish on your next trip

Source: AnglingBuzz

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