Here’s 4 Great Baits for Bass Fishing in January

Bass fishing can be very dynamic in that you need to constantly change up your baits throughout the year. Since winter is in full swing it’s time again to look at what you’re throwing for the bass to strike. Below are four lures you should be using this month to land some bass.

You heard it here, those are four great lures to use during the chilly months of January. In case you missed any of them, check out the list below.

1.) Micro Jig (Football Jig) – fished along the bottom with little pumps
2.) Ned Rig – fished away from the bottom
3.) Mini Flip Jig – fished deep if a half ounce
4.) Jerkbait – gets down to six or seven feet in cold waters

Each lure listed here needs a special kind of technique for maximum effectiveness. Be sure to change it up when you’re out there and see how different water changes your results.

Source: Missilebaits

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