Is this the Best Winter Bass Fishing Lure Ever?

When you’re bass fishing in the winter sometimes the lure you choose can make or break an angling trip. Below an avid angler details what he thinks is the best kind of lure to use for bass in the winter months.

As you just saw this angler loves to use blade baits in the winter months because of the unique characteristics they have. Since the waters are generally colder this time of year a vibrating bait will net the best results, and that’s what a blade bait does.

The best line to use with blade baits is lighter line because it allows the lure to start swimming quicker when it hits the water. Although this video provided some great information the best way to get better at bass fishing in the winter is to go bass fishing in the winter. Now go rip some lip and tell us how the blade baits worked out for you.

Source: BassFishingHQ

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