Finding Winter Steelhead with Marty Sheppard

Fly fishing for steelhead in the winter is no small feat, but if you’re prepared it can be an amazing experience. Learn some tips and tricks in the video below from expert guide Marty Sheppard.

That video was full of great tips for beginner and expert anglers alike. In case you need a recap on anything the best nuggets of wisdom are listed below:

1.) Look for good water by checking the shore and the current speed. Big boulders on the shore means there will be big boulders in the water and pockets for fish. Also, make sure the water is moving slower because it’s more likely to hold fish in that case.

2.) Once you’ve picked a good spot it’s important to be thorough as you preset your fly to the fish. To do this, start with short casts on the inside of the run and slowly work your way to the other side ensuring every fish gets a good look at the fly.

3.) Be consistent in your casting and fly presentation. Chances are you won’t get a bite on the first cast so it’s imperative that your cast remains the same as you work your way through. This is because that one aggressive steelhead will likely be watching your fly come through the water and will probably go after it once it’s close enough.

Take what you’ve learned here and apply it to your next angling excursion and enjoy the winter steelhead run while it lasts.

Source: AnchoredWithAprilVokey

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