Tying a Strong Fishing Rig with a Ball Sinker

If you want to get your lure or bait lower in the water chances are you’re going to be using a ball sinker. Learn the best way to tie a ball sinker on your line with the short video below.

Putting a ball sinker on your line is pretty simple as you just saw. In case you missed anything be sure to check out the step by step instructions below:

1.) Thread the ball sinker on the line
2.) Pull the tag end through and thread it again
3.) Pull the tag end through and thread it a third time
4.) Adjust the line and tag ends to make sure both loops are the same size
5.) Split up the loops so they are on opposite sides of the sinker
6.) Thread the tag end through the top of both loops
7.) In the loop made by the last step thread the tag end through twice
8.) Pull the line tight closing the two loops on the side of the sinker
9.) Pull the tag end tight

Let this knot be another arrow in your fishing quiver to use the next time you need to add a little weight on your line.

Source: GeneFishingTV

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