While many think it makes no difference what kind of ice fishing jig you buy a seasoned angler knows that Kenders makes a product that far exceeds any other jig on the market. These simple yet effective lures can make or break a fishing trip so there’s no reason to skimp and get a cheap set. Below is a review of some of the best ice fishing jig sets available today from Kenders Outdoors. Check out the full article a see what kind of jig set is best for your next angling adventure.

The make up of a jig can impact the performance when ice fishing so it’s important to get the best kind available. All the jig sets below are made from tungsten and allow for more precise jigging movements when underwater.

Hook Size
The hook size of the following jig sets does vary a bit between each product, but they all fall in a particular range. The sizes of the hooks are all between 3mm and 6mm which allows for some variety when on the ice.

As with most ice fishing gear proper storage is key when transporting jigs both to the ice from home and to different locations on the ice. Each jig set below comes with a floating case to ensure if you fumble and drop it in the water you should be able to quickly retrieve it below it disappears into the icy abyss.

36 Piece Tungsten Jig SetBuy on Amazon

The 36 Piece Tungsten Jig Set is made with a quality material that will stand up to the icy elements. All the hooks in the set are 6mm #8 hook jigs which are great for perch and trout alike. The floating double-sided water proof tackle box means you won’t have to worry about loosing or damaging your jigs in transport.

48 Piece Tungsten Jig KitBuy on Amazon

The 48 Piece Tungsten Jig Set is made with a dense material and super sharp hooks so you’ll be ripping lip like a pro. The hooks in the set vary between 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm sizes allowing for versatility on the ice. This product comes in a floating double-sided water proof tackle box to keep your jigs safe from the elements.

Tungsten Ice Fishing Bright UV Paint Jig KitBuy on Amazon

Check out the Tungsten Ice Fishing Bright UV Paint Jig Kit for even better performance when fishing at night. The dense tungsten and bright UV paint make an excellent combination under the ice when using 3mm, 4mm, or 5mm hook sizes. It also comes with a waterproof double sided floating jig box for easy and effective transportation to and from the fishing locale.

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