How to Snell a Hook, the Easy Way

While there are many complicated knots at an angler’s disposal, yet sometimes it’s the easy ones that are the strongest. That is likely the case with the snell knot. Check out this video below and learn a basic yet effective knot for the next time you’re on the water.

Did you notice how simple that snell knot was? It only required a few simple steps to execute. In case you missed any of them, find the full instructions below.

1.) Pass the line through the eye of the hook and feed a bit through
2.) Fold it down on itself to form a small loop on the back of the hook
3.) Pinch the loop and wrap the tag end around the hook and the folded line six times
4.) Take the tag end and feed it through the loop
5.) Lubricate the line and pull both ends tight
6.) Trim the tag end

Let this knot be another arrow in your quiver when it comes to fishing. Use it on your own hooks and let us know how it held up on the water.

Source: WhyKnot

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