How to Tie Strong Fishing Knots Quickly

When you’re on the water the last thing you want is to be messing with your line as you try to quickly tie a new knot. Learn a new way to tie a fishing strong knot in no time with the short video below.

Did you see how simple that knot was to tie? It was also done quickly which will save time when you’re out on the water and need to put on another hook.

In case you missed anything, here are the instructions listed out step by step for the fishing knot:
1.) Hold the hook along side the tag end of the line between your thumb and forefinger
2.) Make a loop in the line and pinch it between your thumb and forefinger
3.) With your other hand twist the loop around the hook and tag end
4.) Repeat this step five times or more
5.) Pull the ends of the line tight

Let us know how well this knot works out for you on your next angling adventure.

Source: GeneFishingTV

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