Pyramid Lake Welcomes its First Female Fishing Guide

Paiute woman Autumn Harry became a guide in December and is the first female fishing guide at Nevada’s Pyramid Lake. Harry became a guide to help people of all levels learn to fish. She told reporters, “What I want to do with my business is welcome people who are visiting Kooyooe Pa, or Pyramid Lake, and teach them about the history of our people.”


Harry sees this as an opportunity to not only teach people about fishing, but also her native culture. She spoke more on this to reporters, “What’s exciting is that there are more women who are learning how to fly fish, who are involved in the fly fishing industry and it’s really exciting to see more women on the water and, even here, within the time that I’ve grown up fishing here in my homelands here at Pyramid Lake, I’ve seen more and more women.”

Her business is call Kooyooe Pa Guides which is a nod to her culture, “Our Paiute name for the tribe is Kooyooe Pa. So I wanted people to reference and say our Paiute name when they referred to our business.”

Source: KOLOTV

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