Free Fishing Weekend in Your State Could Soon Be Here

For those looking to get into angling, getting a fishing license can seem like a daunting and wasteful task to simply try out the past time. Free Fishing Weekend aims to give those curios about fishing to try it out without having to buy a year-long permit. Below is a list of the free fishing weekend happening in each state over the next several months.


Alabama: June 11

Alaska: Residents under 18 and over 60 as well as disabled veterans fish for free year-round

Arizona: June 4

Arkansas: June 10-12

California: July 2 and Sept. 3

Colorado: June 4-5

Connecticut: May 7, June 19, Aug. 6

Washington, D.C.: All of National Fishing and Boating Week, June 4-12

Delaware: June 4-5

Florida: April 2-3 (freshwater), June 4-5 (saltwater), June 11-12 (freshwater), Sept. 3 (saltwater), Nov. 26 (saltwater)

Georgia: June 4 and 11, Sept. 24

Hawaii: Free year-round (marine)

Idaho: June 11

Illinois: June 18-19

Indiana: May 1, June 4-5, Sept. 24

Iowa: June 3-5

Kansas: June 4-5

Kentucky: June 4-5

Louisiana: June 11-12

Maine: June 4-5

Maryland: June 4, June 11, July 4

Massachusetts: June 4-5 (freshwater) June 18-19 (saltwater)

Michigan: June 11-12

Minnesota: Residents can fish without a fishing license in most state parks year-round

Mississippi: June 4-5, July 4

Missouri: June 11-12

MontanaMay 7-8, June 18-19

Nebraska: May 21

Nevada: June 11

New Hampshire: June 4

New Jersey: June 4, Oct. 22

New Mexico: June 4

New York:  June 25-26, Sept. 24, Nov. 11

North Carolina: July 4

North Dakota: June 4-5

Ohio: June 18-19

Oklahoma: June 4-5

Oregon: June 4-5, Nov. 25-26

Pennsylvania: May 29, July 4

Rhode Island: May 7-8 (freshwater only)

South Carolina: May 31, July 4 (freshwater only)

South Dakota: May 20-22

Tennessee: June 11

Texas: June 4

Utah: June 11

Vermont: Not yet announced; will likely be June 11

Virginia: June 3-5

Washington: June 12

West Virginia: June 11-12

Wisconsin: June 4-5

Wyoming: May 31-June 1

Now that you know where free fishing weekend will be happening in your state be sure to take advantage of this chance to try fishing obligation free. Chances are you’re going to be hooked in no time.

Source: Nashville5

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