Jigging for Walleye in Current Best Practices

In this video Larry demonstrates how to jig walleyes in current and this technique will work in a river or a lake. He’ll show how having the right setup will help you to land more fish.

As you just saw having the right setup is key to walleye fishing. Larry had a 3/8 Bait Rigs Oddball, 6′ MAGS Custom Rod, and fluorocarbon line.

When jigging you want to cast out and let the bait hit the bottom of the lake or river. Then you just raise the rod tip ever so slightly to make it bounce. The walleye will see this bouncing and hit the bait usually as it descends back to the bottom. If your jig moves forward when doing this it’s likely too heavy. When the bait is too light it won’t hit the bottom when jigging, so it’s important to strike that balance and keep the bait about 12 to 20 feet away from you at all times.

Source: LarrySmithOutdoors

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