The Most Reliable Fishing Knot You’ve Never Heard Of

To be successful on the water anglers should have a plethora of fishing knots stored in their memory banks. Here’s a fishing knot most have never heard of that is both simple and reliable.

As you just saw that knot was very easy to tie and will stay strong when angling for big fish. In case you missed anything, find the steps listed out below.

1.) Pinch the line between your thumb and forefinger with a long tag end
2.) Thread this through the eye of the hook
3.) Tie a knot in the line directly over the hook, but don’t tighten all the way
4.) Take the loop end of the line and put the hook through it
5.) Pull the line tight, and trim the tag end

Count this knot as another arrow in your quiver and try using it the next time you’re on the water.

Source: MubarakFishingArts

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