Spring Fishing in Cripple Creek Looks Awesome

Spring time will be here before we know it, and that means it’s about time to hit your favorite honey hole as the waters warm. Heidi has a great fishing spot in Cripple Creek, VA that is teeming with hungry trout this time of year.

Did you see the size of the rainbow trout Heidi was able to land? It was about as big as her arm and measured 20.5 inches. At first she was snagged and then right after she got it loose the trout just hammered the bait. It’s crazy how she was able to land that fish after only 20 minutes on the water.

In case you missed it she was using a rooster tail green and yellow bait with her spin rod. Now that you’ve seen what treasures await in Cripple Creek be sure to check it out next time you find yourself in Virginia.

Source: LilRedHeidiHood

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