Illinois Angler Sets State Record in Missouri with 140-Pound Paddlefish

According to reports an angler from Illinois was on a fishing trip with his family when landed a massive paddlefish that broke the Missouri state record. Jim Dain caught a 140-pound 10-ounce, paddlefish while fishing at the Lake of the Ozarks recently.

Dain thought about canceling the trip altogether due to inclement weather. He told reporters, “The forecast was calling for storms, and then it changed to no rain, so we went out, but it just kept getting colder. We weren’t having much luck, but decided to fish for another hour so we took another turn. And that’s when the drag on the reel started. It felt like a tree was on the line!”


When Dain arrived back to shore another angler encouraged him to get the fish officially weighed. Dain recalled, “He was at the boat ramp and happened to hold a state record. He’s looking at the fish and says to me, ‘Boy, I think you should get that checked out because it could be a state record.”

After locating a scale that could weight fish over 100-pounds Dain’s record was confirmed. Dain’s family walked away with 16 on-gallon-bags of meat from the catch and it’s safe to say they are going to be enjoying paddlefish for man nights to come.

Source: FoxNews

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