Choosing the Right Small Stream Fly Rod and Reel Made Easy

Choosing the right fly rod for smaller streams can be very difficult given the number of various products available today. This video below is here to help and will show you what to do when picking your own fly angling setup for small streams.

As you can see there are many things to consider when picking out a rod set up for small stream fishing. First, you’ll want to pick a line with a weight of around two, three, or four. This is because the fish you’ll be catching will be smaller than big river fish and this line will also allow for more sensitivity. Then, you’ll want to consider the rod length. Picking a rod between five and six feet long will be more adaptable in the small areas around creeks. Lastly, choosing the right material is important for your small stream setup. Rods made of graphite or fiberglass material are the best for these environments because they are lighter and more easily controlled.

Now that you have a leg up on what to consider when picking out your small stream angling setup shopping for your next rod will be easy and enjoyable.

Source: TridentFlyFishing

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