Epic Small Stream Fishing in Arizona

Many are aware that fly fishing has a steep learning curve, and that curve is even steeper when angling in the small streams of Arizona. Watch this beautifully shot video and see how rewarding fishing is in the Grand Canyon State.

As you just saw fly fishing the small streams in Arizona is not for the faint of heart. While many rivers and creeks in other states have ample opportunities to rip some lip, fishing in Arizona requires patience and precision.

Anthony Jenca the part-time fly fishing guide featured in this video knows that to fish in Arizona’s small stream you’ll need to be accurate and deliberate when casting. This is because the fish are easily spooked and are extra vigilant so a sloppy presentation will scare them off. Now that you’ve had a good look at what awaits in Arizona be prepared for some epic angling next time you visit.

Source: CanyonCoolers

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