This is One Very Unique Way to Snell a Hook

There are many way to snell a hook, but this video below illustrates a method few use on a regular basis. Check out this short demonstration and get learn a new way to snell a hook effectively.

As you just saw this is a fast and easy way to snell a hook. In case you missed anything, the steps are listed out below.

1.) Thread a good amount of line through the eye of the hook
2.) While holding the hook alongside your index finger take the tag end and wrap it around your finger and the hook six times
3.) Take your finger out and group the loops together
4.) Feed the tag end through the loops
5.) Pull the ends tight to the eye of the hook
6.) Trim the tag end

Now that you’ve seen how it’s done, try using this method next time you’re on the water. It’s a quick and simple way to snell a hook on the go.

Source: MubarakFishingArts

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