You Need these Tools for Musky Fishing

Musky fishing is a bit different than trout or bass fishing which means it requires a unique set of tools and gear to be successful. Below, Jay Esse of the Musky Shop shows what is needed when musky fishing in a short video.

As you can see there are many things needed to ensure you have a safe trip when musky fishing. In case you missed anything the complete list of tools can be found below.

1.) Hook Cutter, one that cuts quickly and is one-handed
2.) Hook Out Tools, the longer the better to reach into the musky’s mouth
3.) Jaw Spreader, to give access to the mouth
4.) Release Gloves, to keep your hands safe during that grip-and-grin photo
5.) Split Ring Pliers, to quickly change out hooks
6.) Line Cutters, to easily cut high test line
7.) Hook File, to keep hooks sharp
8.) Measuring Devices, to calculate length either on the boat or in the net

All of the devices here are used to help keep both the angler and the fish safe. This way a great musky has a good release and can be caught again.

Source: TheMuskyShop

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