Angler Shatters Records in Missouri with a Massive Catfish

Typically state records are only broken by a pound or two, but Eugene Cronley’s catch was 30 pounds more than the previous title holder. While fishing in Missouri, Cronley landed a 131-pound catfish using a rod on the Mississippi Rivier.


The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Fisheries Bureau wrote on Facebook of the catch saying it, “has certified a new state record blue catfish. Eugene Cronley, the lucky angler from Brandon, caught the 131 pound fish on April 7, 2022 from the Mississippi River near Natchez. Mr. Cronley said that it took him forty minutes to land the huge fish, ‘it is truly a fish of a lifetime.'”

Cronley was using shipjack herring as bait when he pulled this catfish from the water using his rod and reel setup.

Source: FoxNews

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