Do Not Do What This Snook Angler Did, Never Ever

Fishing has its share of regulations and etiquette is an important part of the sport as well. When someone blatantly ignores the rules and guidelines put in place to keep the anglers and the fish safe no one wins. Below is an example of what not to do when snook fishing in Florida.

As you just saw a lot happened in this video and there’s much to unpack here. When fishing on beach you should always put plenty of distance between yourself and other anglers. This angler for one was too close, but that wasn’t his only mistake. He landed a fish outside the slot limit and kept it out of water for too long. He mishandled the fish while taking pictures and his release was very poor. It’s likely the fish died from being out of the water too long which is sad to see because it was probably a breeder fish that was over 38″ long.

Slot fish, the ones you’re allowed to keep, are 28″ to 32″. Fish smaller than that are typically not mature yet, and fish bigger than that are mature breeder fish. Keeping these bigger females in the water help to keep the fisheries healthy. Do your part and help keep fisheries healthy because it helps to keep these fish populations around for other generations to enjoy.

Source: DarcizzleOffshore

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