Drew Cook and his Cook Quake Method for Catching Big Bass

In this short video newest Elite Series Champion Drew Cook explains his method of shaking the bait to catch more bass. Watch as he explains how to do what’s known as the Cook Quake.

Now that is what we call some expert advice. The method Cook talked about helped him to land 90% of the fish he caught in his recent tournament win. In case you missed anything the steps for the Cook Quake are listed out below.

1.) Cast the lure out into a bed
2.) Leave slack in the line and hit the bottom of your pole and send the vibrations all the way down the line
3.) Keep the bait in the bed as long as possible
4.) Shake the bait but do not move the bait

This makes the baits appendages move in the water, but the bait itself remains in the same place. It also hooks them in a more secure way verses shock biting which usually hooks them in the upper lip or nose. Now that you know how it’s done, be sure to try this on your next bass fishing trip.

Source: Bassmaster

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