Cody Hahner on How to Fish Jigs for Bass in Cold Water

Angler Cody Hahner has done his share of cold water bass fishing having grown up in Wisconsin. In the video below he discusses his technique for bass fishing when water temps are 40 or below.

Since the fish are less active in cold water environments they will likely stay close to things like stumps and rocks to heat their bodies. The best way to catch them is to slow down the pitching and flipping. Hahner suggested using a 7-to-1 reel and 20lb. line to really slow down the bait.

The key to jigging in these waters is pitching into cover areas multiple times since the fish likely aren’t going to bite when the bait falls. Even if the bait is six inches away from the bass they probably won’t strike because the cold water makes them lethargic. Be sure to hit any spot multiple times as you’ll need to put the bait right in front of their face to get a bite. Now that you have this knowledge employ these tactics on your next angling adventure.

Source: Wired2Fish

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