Here’s a Great Fishing Knot You Need to Know

Anglers know there’s a lot of prep that goes into fishing, and knots is a huge part of getting ready. Take this opportunity to learn a new fishing knot that is both quick and easy to tie on the water so you an ultimately spend more time catching.

As you just saw this knot can be tied quickly and is good for both swivels and hooks. In case you want to reference the steps, they are listed out below.

1.) Fold the tag end back on the line making a loop
2.) Put the loop through the eye hole
3.) Twist the loop end around the line at least four times
4.) Take the loop end and put in through the loop made by the eye hole
5.) Then thread the entire hook or swivel through the loop
6.) Pull tight
7.) Trim tag end

Now that you’ve seen it done, try using this knot on your next fishing trip. Don’t forget to tell us how it performed on the water in the comment section below.

Source: AlexanderTheFisherman

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