Explaining What the Numbers on a Fishing Reel Mean

When selecting a new reel it’s important that you get one suited to your specific needs, and knowing what the numbers on a reel mean can help in that decision. Watch below as the numbers of a spinning reel are decoded.

As just saw there’s a lot to decipher when looking at the numbers on a reel. In case you missed anything, the numbers are listed out below.

The reel size is referenced in the model number, the higher the number the bigger the reel. Reel bearings are listed as X + 1. Whatever X is refers to the number of ball bearings in the reel, plus the one on the reel’s line roller. Next the gear ratio signifies how many lines the rotor spins around the spool per rotation of the handle. The line capacity number of a reel refers to how much line you can fit on your spool. The line retrieve number will signify how much line in pulled in per rotation of the handle. You’ll want higher line retrieve when fishing for faster fish. One of the most important numbers to know is the reel drag which shows how much force the reel puts on the lines as it’s being taken out. Any drag number you find on the box refers the to maximum drag the reel can put out. Lastly the reel weight simply describes how much the reel weighs. It’s key to pair a similarly weighted reel with a rod otherwise casting can be awkward.

Now you know a bit more about all the numbers associated with a reel an you’ll have no problem navigating your way through all the options available.

Source: TheSaltwaterEdge

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