Baby Dolphin Caught in Fishing Netting is Freed

Recently a baby dolphin was caught in some fishing net, but luckily someone was there to help. Check out this short video of the rescue operation below.

That baby dolphin was desperately in need of help and lucky for it there was an angler there to assist. The fisherman had this to say about the dolphin, “I went to sea fishing. Upon returning from fishing, I saw something moving in the middle of the water and put my boat in the direction of this thing. I saw after getting close that it was a dolphin trapped in a fishing net, when the animal spotted my boat, it came towards me. When I caught the dolphin he was calm. Then I pulled him out of the fishing net and threw him in the sea again.”

This is an amazing story that had a truly happy ending, and it all happened because this angler made a simple act of kindness.

Source: ViralHog

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