How to Catch Fish from the Beach

Beach fishing is unlike river or lake fishing for many reasons and as such it requires a certain approach to be successful. In the video below you’ll learn about rigging bait, where to fish, what gear to use, and more.

As you just saw there was a lot of great advice in that clip. In case you missed anything the tips are listed out below.

1.) Never put your rod in the sand, get a rod holder for rigging
2.) Always let line out to rig, don’t lay the rod down to adjust your setup
3.) Hook the bait and tie a loop around the end to help keep it in place
4.) When scouting the beach look for unbroken dark water as this indicates deep holes
5.) Cast close to shore and on the edge of these pockets
6.) Keep a finger on the line so you can feel the hits
7.) When you have a fish on use the waves to pull it in
8.) Be sure to take your time and let the gear help get the fish ashore

These tips should help you to be a more successful beach angler. Keep in mind that you can’t catch them all though. That’s why they call it fishing and not catching.

Source: ShimanoAustralia

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