Tying the Hook Knot

Anglers are almost always looking for ways to get their lines in the water faster after breaks or snags and knots are a key part of getting any set up ready after a snafu. Below is a video that shows you how to tie a strong knot quickly so check it out and learn all about the hook knot.

As you just saw the hook know was simple to tie and didn’t take very long to complete. In case you missed any of those steps check out the instructions listed below.

1.) Make a loop in the line, and feed it through the eye hole of the hook
2.) Pull some if the line through and start to tie a knot with the loop end
3.) Don’t tighten it all the way and feed the hook through the loop
4.) Pull tight and trim the tag ends

Now that you’ve seen it done here, you’ll have to try the hook knot when your on the water. It’s sure to be a fast and strong knot to help you land some big fish.

Source: FishingIdeas

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