Learn All About the Drop Shot Rig

The Drop Shot rig also known as the Bounce or Cannonball rig, is a great set up for fly anglers if you know how to use it. Learn more about how to set it up and how to fish with it in the video below.

As you just saw the Drop Shot rig can have many variations, but ultimately it’s used to keep your hooks off the bottom of the water and avoiding snags. What makes this rig unique is the drop shot on the end of the line. This rig will likely be harder to cast and easier to tangle, but it’s just another way to try and catch some fish.

While this setup does pose some challenges, it’s a method anglers can customize to their liking while on the water. Give the Drop Shot a go in your local spot, and remember to have fun with it no matter how many fish you catch.

Source: HugeFlyFisherman

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